3 common mistakes when sending LinkedIn connection messages and how to stop doing them immediately!

March 11, 2021


When it comes to LinkedIn, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The most common responses I hear immediately are: “to stuffy, confusing, and mysterious”. The next thing that comes tumbling out of people’s mouths is, “and omg it can be so spammy!”…

Well if that resonates with you, you’re tired of the spamminess and you’d like to be part of the solution by sending better messages on LinkedIn then you’re in the right place! 

Let’s start by listing out the 3 common mistakes most people make when sending messages on LinkedIn…and if you say aloud to yourself “YUP!” alone in your home office while reading this, then you’re definitely my people.

The 3 common mistakes and how to avoid them…

  1. Copy, pasted, and canned message – ZERO customization to the person you’re connecting with.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of these messages you’ve probably seen this way too many times. It might even be the biggest turn off for you about LinkedIn. The standard, spammy, canned message that you pay no attention to. It may make you feel like another LinkedIn profile out there, right? Why should you respond or pay any attention to the person sending… it feels super impersonal. I hear you! OR maybe you’re on the other side of this scenario. Maybe you’ve been the one to send these messages. Listen, if that’s the case, NO JUDGEMENT here. None whatsoever. You may have numbers you need to meet, maybe you’re trying to do all the things and this is the easiest way you know how to with LinkedIn. I’m here to tell you there is a better way to send connection messages moving forward…keep reading!

  1. Lack of intention – sharing NO CLUE as to why you want to connect with me in the first place…

This is the next level of connection messages on LinkedIn. Maybe someone does send something a little more personalized like adding your name, but all they say is that they’d love to connect. The question this might leave you with is “why?”. You may be left wondering “what about my profile or content did you find so interesting that you’d love to connect about?”. Again, if you’re guilty of doing this (I AM V GUILTY TRUST!), then again, no judgement… there is a better way! Continue reading…

  1. People in common – uhhhhh there is no basis for me to connect with you because we have someone in common

This one makes me laugh a little bit, honestly. When someone reaches out and says “hey! We have some people in common so I thought we should connect”, my instant reaction is to go see who exactly we have in common. Now, if you’re anything like I was with LinkedIn, especially when I started, I connected with anyone and everyone regardless if I actually knew them or not. SO, when someone leads with this and you find that the people you have in common are those that you don’t know, then the chances of you wanting to connect with the person reaching out are skinny to none. Again, if you’ve been on the flip side of this and you were throwing out something to see what would stick…it’s all good. I have three solutions for you below to try when reaching out to your ideal client on LinkedIn. 

Try these 3 things instead…

  1. Personalize each message you send

Given most people on LinkedIn don’t send a personalized message at all, doing this already makes you standout among the rest! How can you take this a step further? Use their name and mention something you noticed on their profile, like their current role or their headline.

  1. Communicate the intention behind your connection. 

This is a big one. The mindset on LinkedIn is business focused. As entrepreneurs, we need to be clear as to why we want to connect with someone. If you feel you could add value to someone’s podcast audience and you’d love to be considered for an interview then be transparent and tell them that! If you provide VA services to high level business owners and see that someone is your ideal client, tell them exactly what you do and how you help someone like them. I can’t guarantee they’re going to sign with you right then and there, but what I can tell you is that you’re doing something different than most. And THAT is what will initially stand out to them.

  1. Take the time to get to know your prospect – 

Has your prospect posted any content on their LinkedIn? An article they wrote or were featured in? Mention THAT in your message. It shows you took 2 minutes to look into your prospect more than the average person looking to connect. Have you done any further research on them? Googled them or looked them up on any other social media websites. When you message someone on LinkedIn and kick off the conversation with “I just read your article on …” or “I found the 3 tips in your last video so helpful” then you have their attention. 

What makes you unique and stand out from the crowd on linkedin is that you’re not taking the slimy, canned, impersonal approach. Try these 3 tips the next time you reach out to your ideal client on LinkedIn and start building a lasting relationship where you can have greater impact. Show up and serve my friend!

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