3 reasons you might be worried about posting on LinkedIn…

April 12, 2022


There are 3 common concerns I often hear from entrepreneurs about posting on LinkedIn

Worried about your past life

Meaning… you have a corporate past and you feel weird about posting what you’re up to now, maybe worried about what your old co-workers think or you just don’t want them to know what you’re up to.

I totally get it – I’ve been there too. But at the end of the day, remember that other people’s opinions of you don’t pay the bills and they certainly don’t build your dream of time and financial freedom. I’m not a mindset coach, but I encourage you to let those fears go and PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE!

Worried your ideal client doesn’t hang out on LinkedIn

Let’s look at this through the lens of data and facts. There are over 800M people on the platform… in all industries, all over the world. You have the power to access them with a very targeted approach. People with problems are people with problems, if you have the solution or right message for them why do you think your ideal client or audience doesn’t hang out on LinkedIn? SILLY! Did you also know that 30% of LinkedIn users are NOT on Instagram… that’s a big ‘ol chunk of people you’re not reaching…

Worried you don’t know what to say

I hear this one A LOT. And honestly, I get this one too. Especially if you think that everyone on LinkedIn is corporate and stuffy. Remember, LinkedIn is a social media platform and is quickly evolving to become more content creator-friendly. At the end of the day, social media is social media… the best thing you can write or talk about on LinkedIn are likely all the things you already talk about here. If you have a clearly defined brand, and content pillars, and show the real you too, those are all great things that translate over to the platform.

A new platform can be confusing and may feel overwhelming to learn at first, but what if being there could be the very thing that helps you close higher paying clients, and builds a network of well-connected or highly influential people? What if you could build a relationship with an author, founder, or CEO you admire?What if you could also spend LESS time on the platform and have a higher ROI on your time being there? What if it could change your business and your income?

What’s keeping you from giving LinkedIn a try?

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