June 27, 2022


Do you struggle with showing up more confidently on LinkedIn? Does it low-key freak you out when you see other people thriving on there, from celebrating new roles to posting continuously and getting a lot of engagement? Remember one thing (and this is SUPER IMPORTANT FOR ALL OF US TO CONSTANTLY TELL OURSELVES): You are on your own path AND LinkedIn is a GREAT platform to get you there. Own your awesome! I am here to help you with that. Here are some quick tips to get you feeling like a LinkedIn star in no time! Here are 3 tips to dig into immediately for more confidence on LinkedIn.

  1. Know what you want to accomplish – what’s your goal?

WHY: when you know your goal, you can be more intentional about the time you spend on the platform, who you want to connect and engage with and be specific with the community you’re building.

2. Know what you want to talk about – stay in your lanes. 

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN: Content pillars keep you on track and focused with your content. Being able to rely on these pillars is what helps create thought leadership content. It will also help to keep you organized with your thinking and share content that is relevant to your specific audience.

What that means to you is you will begin to be seen as the go-to person in your industry and community. Thought leadership happens really quickly on LinkedIn for those who commit to posting regularly and engaging on the platform. The real value is that you can show up confidently in the way you create content and speak to others on the platform.

Showing up confidently on a new platform with a new audience is what you want isn’t it?

Just yesterday I was reading something that said “Content pillars ensure that each piece of social media content you post is as relevant to your audience as possible. Without these pillars, it can become easy to lose focus, creating an inconsistent and non-cohesive social media presence.”

Which leads me to my 3rd TIP…

3. Know who you serve – speak to your ideal audience or that one person 

WHY: knowing who you serve creates confidence at all levels of your business. When you can be very clear on who you work with AND who you don’t, you can sell and serve with a conviction of knowing you can or can’t help someone.

Having a goal, knowing what you want to talk about, and knowing who you serve will help you show up more confidently on LinkedIn. The key is organizing yourself and committing to spending a little bit of time on the platform each day. And remember: No one is YOU! You have a lot to uniquely share, so get out there and do it. Looking forward to seeing all of your posts. You got this! I’m in your corner. 

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