3 tips to creating a call to action that sticks!

March 11, 2021


As silly as this may sound, people are looking to be told what to do. Honestly! Okay, maybe not everyone but most people. For example, how many times have you attempted a diet or to create a new, healthy lifestyle and one of the criteria you have is “just tell me what to do”. Yeah, me too.

That is exactly why having a call to action in your content, on your sales page, when you’re creating videos for your course, etc, etc is SO important. In this article, you’re going to learn how to craft a captivating Call To Action in 3 simple steps.

  1. For starters, you’ll need to determine the goal you’re looking to achieve:
  • Do you want more newsletter subscribers?
  • Close more sales?
  • Move your audience to another content piece? 
  • Or share what they’re currently reading?
  1. Does your CTA make sense?

    Let’s say you own a business that provides copywriting support to business owners in the online space. You write an article for LinkedIn providing the top 3 things every business owner must know when writing sales page copy. At the end of your article, you add a call to action. One that would make sense, in this case, could be a free guide on search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance their sales page. One that would not make sense is inviting them to a discovery call to see if your high-end mastermind would be a good fit for them.

  2. Use strong verbs plus an enticing description

    The best call-to-action sayings are brief and use strong verbs. They speak directly to the user. Instead of a weaker call-to-action like ‘click here’, an effective call-to-action phrase example will use more specific words that speak directly to their dream or desire…

    1. Take control of your business
    2. Join our community
    3. Book your next getaway

Remember, no matter what platform you spend the most time on, serve and connect with the most people on, that platform could disappear tomorrow. Make sure you’re thinking of ways to stay connected to your people outside of social media. Telling your audience where to go next can help ensure you stay in touch!

Now here’s my call to action…please share this blog with any of your friends in the entrepreneurship community that would benefit from writing better Calls To Action!

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