3 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Summary (About) Section as an Entrepreneur

May 30, 2022


Ever wonder what the heck you’re supposed to write in that Summary section of your LinkedIn profile? Maybe you’ve let LinkedIn do it for you and summarize all the buzz words throughout your Experience section to create a nice little paragraph of y-o-u. While that’s fine for those not looking to optimize their LinkedIn profile for leads and sales, we as entrepreneurs can do much better!

This portion of your profile matters…it’s right up there with your headline and having an updated profile picture. If you’re just getting started with LinkedIn as an entrepreneur, check out my articles titled, 5 ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile picture and why it matters!, and, 3 tips to create a better LinkedIn Headline

The About Section is a great place for you as an entrepreneur to share about you and your business. It’s a way for your ideal client and community to get to know you better without having to catch up on all your content or follow you for a while to know what you’re all about. If we’re putting this in Instagram terms, this is similar to the bio section of your IG profile plus sales page vibes.

Another important reason why you want to enhance this portion of your profile…to show your personality. Most people have the notion that …”LinkedIn is stuffy, too corporate, and don’t feel like I can be my true self through my content and interactions.”Maybe you’ve said that before too? I’m here to tell you, that you absolutely can 100% be yourself on LinkedIn. You have permission to be a human being with a personality on this platform. I dare you to!So, as you begin optimizing your LinkedIn profile, it’s imperative that you spend some time working on this section. Here are 3 easy ways to do so…

 1. Speak to Your Ideal Client
When you’re writing your About Section, keep at the front of your mind “what’s in it for them”. While it’s so easy to start writing about ourselves, our accomplishments, and accolades here, this is where we can stand out from the competition. This is where we can be different, unique, and ADD VALUE for our ideal clients and community. Don’t get me wrong, you should talk about YOU here but how can you write it in a way that speaks to your audience about them? Here’s an example of what I mean below…

About you…
“Why is it so important to me that you file with ease and confidence? Because I used to feel the dread of filing taxes every year as a business owner too! I would juggle the everyday tasks of a business owner, be the one closing sales, making sure customers are happy all while trying to track my finances with tax season looming in the back of my mind.”

About them…
“Why is it so important to me that you file with ease and confidence? Because I used to feel the dread of filling taxes every year as a business owner too! Juggling the tasks day to day tasks of a business, closing sales, keeping customers happy all while trying to track financials plus having tax season constantly in the back of your mind. It’s overwhelming!”

You’ll notice the slight shift from talking about “me” and “my experience” to a targeted “you” and “your”. You want to hook them in, relate to them, and give them some insight as to why you’re the person they need in their corner.

2. Talk about your product or service
We definitely don’t want to leave this part out! After you’ve hooked your client or audience in, talk about how you serve them. This is a great way to find leads without having to qualify them in messages or do any discovery calls to see if working together makes sense. Lay it all out for them to see what you do and how you do it. This is also a great time to call out the type of person that is served best when working with you. Are they ambitious? Are they an introvert? Do they feel completely lost in where to start (with the thing you help with)? Or do they have it all together and working with you is going to help them get to the next level? Don’t be shy to talk about the aspects of your dream client and audience that make for a perfect and successful business relationship.

3. Throw in your Call To Action (CTA)
This part is muy importante!At the end of your About Section, tell your audience the next logical step for them to take and align it to your funnel. Does it make sense for them to read an article that you wrote on LinkedIn that adds more value? Would sending them to a private Facebook group that you run to be a good step? Is there a free guide you have that continues to educate them and subscribes them to your email list? 

As weird as it sounds, people want to be told what to do. It’s crucial as an entrepreneur that you continue to guide your community or ideal client down the customer journey you’ve laid out for them. Here’s an example of what I mean…

No alt text provided for this image

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