5 Common Reasons People Are Hesitant To Use LinkedIn 

March 6, 2023


After being a LinkedIn mentor, strategist and coach for almost 3 years now, I’ve talked to LOTS of people about the platform and each time the person that I’m talking to is either:

a) eager to use the platform, but needs more guidance on how to do it well or

b) completely hesitant to use the platform for a variety of reasons.

After talking with tons of business owners, CEO’s and even individual employees, I’ve found that all of their hesitations about jumping on the LinkedIn train are pretty similar and I wrapped them up into 5 common reasons.

There’s a chance you might be thinking these too, and if so, I’m here to say that each of these might be the very reason that LinkedIn IS a good fit for you. 

To find out, let’s dive in. ⬇️

  1. I’m not looking for a job.

This one easily falls at the top of the list and it makes total sense. In college, you were probably taught that LinkedIn was the platform you needed to be on for job searching. It was the place to house your digital resume and was known as the go to place for people seeking a new job. 

Now, let me be clear: LinkedIn is STILL a place for people on the hunt for a new job, but over the years it has evolved and is now SO much more than that.

If you’re not currently looking for a new job, LinkedIn is still a place for you and here’s why: It’s ultimately a platform for connections. 

The quote “it’s now about what you know, but WHO you know” comes to mind. Regardless of your current role or career, there’s always times in life where you will be looking for more opportunities. 

Maybe it’s a speaking gig, podcast interview, mentorship, etc. Either way, those opportunities are more likely to come about based on WHO you know!

So, even if you aren’t on the job hunt, being on LinkedIn can open the door to so many other opportunities when you intentionally seek connections with like minded people.

  1. I don’t have time.

This is another one I hear a lot, especially from business owners specifically.

“Lindsay, I’m already on other social media platforms – I just don’t have time for another one!”

And I hear you! I also like to spend my time in the right places.

But what if I told you that you could add LinkedIn to your marketing efforts in just 10 minutes each day?

And the best part is you don’t have to create content from scratch!

In this blog post I break down how being active on LinkedIn can be as simple as a 10 minute habit and share five ways you can repurpose your existing content on the platform here!

  1. I don’t know what to post.

Since LinkedIn has evolved from only being the place for job seekers to being a place for content creators and thought leaders, the question about what to post comes up a lot.

And it’s super valid, especially if you haven’t been on the platform recently.

The thing that I want you to remember is that LinkedIn is a social media platform, just like Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

Chances are you’re already creating content on those platforms that also translate to LinkedIn! At the end of the day, people simply want to hear from you – your experiences, your perspective, your thoughts. 

Don’t complicate it or overthink it! If you’re still struggling, click here to learn my favorite content creation hack.

  1. I’m worried about what my past employer or co-worker will think.

Oof, this is a big one and before you think that the solution would be to just delete these people from your connections, DON’T! That’s actually one of the biggest mistakes you could make on the platform.

Instead, I would encourage you to consider more of a mindset shift. 

Repeat after me: the opinions of others don’t pay your bills or build your dreams!

And the truth is, no one is thinking of you as much as you are thinking of you, so chances are the people you’re worried about aren’t going to judge your posts, so there’s really no need in stressing over this!

Put yourself out there proudly, friend. And when you do, connect with me HERE so I can cheer  you on. 🎉

  1. I’m not sure if my ideal client is on LinkedIn.

Lastly, one of the biggest hesitations that I hear from people is that they aren’t sure if they should spend time on LinkedIn because they aren’t sure if their ideal client is on the platform.

And this is a very important thing to consider, because as a business owner, you want to make sure you are where your people are.

But did you know that there are over 900 MILLION people on the platform and 30% of those users are NOT on Instagram?!

This means that you are potentially missing out on a huge chunk of people who are experiencing problems that YOU have the solution to.

There is a way you can connect with your ideal clients on LinkedIn and I share how in this blog post!

After reading this, if you still feel hesitant about joining the platform, I’d love to chat with you to see what’s holding you back and help you determine if LinkedIn is a good fit – my DM’s are always open. 💌

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