5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Product Launch

May 9, 2022


Do you have an upcoming launch you’re SO excited about, yet you’re looking for a new platform to leverage aside from Instagram?

Maybe your audience is a little burnt out because you’ve already launched your program, service, or product there before?

I get it! 

If you’re only focusing on ONE platform, your audience there is likely going to feel a little bit tapped out when it comes to OPEN CART day.

There may be a way that you can leverage a new platform, and tap into a new audience while not having to reinvent the content wheel…

LinkedIn has 800 M users worldwide. What that means to you, is that you have a new, massive audience with a different perspective on business than on another platform. And the real value is that you can feel excited and confident serving and selling to them.  

There are 5 things you must have in place on LinkedIn in order to increase your success of launching your program, service, or product.


Your headline follows you EVERYWHERE on LinkedIn. This is essentially the first impression someone has of you. Keep that in mind as you’re writing your next connection message and engaging on posts or in LinkedIn Groups. It’s also search engine optimized so you’ll want to avoid getting TOO creative. Stick with the keywords your ideal client would search on Google to find you. For example, “specialist” or “expert” would most commonly be searched over “ninja” or “guru”. Your headline is also only 120 characters so use them wisely. This space is truly a bumper sticker or elevator pitch for your profile!

Background Banner

Who wants a boring, stock photo to look at when you can create a customized background banner for FREE in Canva. I like to tell people to use this photo as a billboard for their business. Use your brand colors, a cutout picture of Y-O-U, and tell people you want to connect! Also, add your current Call To Action (the next step you want someone to take in your sales funnel). You can search LinkedIn Banner on Canva to create there or if you’re savvy with another graphics platform, the dimensions are 1584 pixels wide by 396 pixels tall.

About Section

This part of your profile is where you can be creative, share your personality AND share the product you’ll be launching soon (program, mastermind, service, product, etc.). Think of this as your mini sales page. There are a few components you’ll want to add here!

1. Speak to your ideal client’s biggest challenge pain point

2. Speak to your ideal client’s biggest goal or desire

3. Share why they should work with YOU in a way to keep it about them

4. Talk about the features AND the benefits of your program, product, service, etc.

5. Give them a call to action and the link to where you want them to go

This part of your profile can change each quarter according to what it is you’re selling, as you learn more about your ideal clients, shift your focus, etc. This part allows for up to 2000 characters. And remember, let your personality shine here!

Experience Section

Most business owners will use this section as a resume as if they’re still looking to get hired by a corporate company. I challenge you to shift that thinking and turn this into an area where you describe how your previous roles help how you serve your ideal clients today. Instead of talking about the number of dollars you managed or brought in for the company, expand on HOW you did that and what that means to your clients today. Always keep in mind what’s in it for them. The same is true for how you describe your current role as CEO, Founder, Head Coach, Lead Specialist, etc. Talk about the things you focus on as it relates to your ideal client.


Think of these as Yelp! for your business. We want others to talk highly of you and the results they achieved by your coaching, service, or product. At the end of the day, it’s not what we say about our business that matters, it’s what others say that draws in your future clients. Think of recommendations as mini testimonials. Gather as many as you can from your clients on LinkedIn. Remember, they have to log into their account in order to leave the recommendation on your profile. Make it easy for them by giving a mini framework for them to follow. 

Having these 5 components of your profile dialed in will set you up for greater success with your upcoming product launch. What that means to you is you will have a new audience curious and interested in your offers! And the real value is that you will be able to sell with ease and confidence. Being able to sell confidently while serving others is what you want isn’t it?

Post content and engage on the platform frequently in order to gain more traction and connections too! 

If you want to know how to repurpose your Instagram content to LinkedIn, make sure to get the LinkedIn Content Playbook HERE!

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