5 ways to repurpose your content and create more time in your week

March 11, 2021


This tends to be a popular topic for so many online business owners today. Raise your hand if you feel like 75% of your job is spent on social media. Whether you’re creating content, posting, engaging, etc. doesn’t it feel like it never ends?

Here’s what I know to be true. The minute you post something on your social media, it’s likely forgotten about within 24 hours. Sad but true… AND that’s great news for entrepreneurs like you and me.

I want to share 5 ways you can repurpose your content across all platforms to support your digital marketing efforts, create brand awareness and help you get more time back in your day.

The inspiration behind this is two fold. One, a dear friend who, like you, is an online business owner, lost her Instagram account for no reason. IG is the main platform she does business on, and just like that, her followers and content disappeared. The platform she attracts business, new clients and keeps in touch with her audience. 20,000+ followers and hundreds of posts, POOF! Gone. I can’t imagine the devastation and frustration she felt waking up to no account, no followers, no content and no way to fix it. Has this happened to you or someone you know too?

The second reason, I don’t want that to happen to you. If there were a way you could be on multiple platforms without feeling like your full time job is content creation, that’s something you’d want to know about isn’t it?!  

That’s why it’s critical to not only be on LinkedIn or Instagram, but all platforms that you can. Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Clubhouse, Facebook, podcasts are all tools for you to funnel your ideal clients to your products and services.

All that being said, you likely didn’t start a business to spend your days attached to your phone throughout the day, right? Let’s keep you in your zone of genius and continue down the path of positively impacting the world with you and your knowledge. 

Remember, social media platforms are simply tools to get your ideal clients into your funnel. Leverage all that you can so add more leads to your pipeline. 

  1. ARTICLE or BLOG: Starting with written content, if that’s your thing, is great “anchor content”. That’s the term I use for the content piece you will pull all content from and repurpose. You can create 2 weeks worth of content for all social platforms if you wanted to from ONE article/blog post! Now, this can be swapped with #2 (below). If written content isn’t your thing but talking on video is, transcribe your video, doctor it up and you now have an article or blog post. 

Now, your written content becomes the anchor content I mentioned. Continue reading to see how you can leverage this with other types of content for other platforms.

  1. Scripts for VIDEO: IGTV, YouTube and LinkedIn

Have you ever wanted to get on camera to record some video content yet you didn’t know what to say or where to start? (If you’re the opposite of this and find that talking on video is easier than writing, hang tight!) 

Leveraging your article or blog post as a video script is a great way to give you a blueprint on what to say in your videos. This can help you create a video that provides education and value to your clients, stay on track with your message, and ensure efficiency when filming!

Now, if you’re someone who likes to record video first then write an article or blog post from your transcript, great! Consider your video as your “anchor content” then! Do what feels most aligned to you and keeps you in your creative zone! 

  1. Long form captions for Carousel Posts on IG and Text Posts for LinkedIn
    If you struggle with what your captions should be for your posts on Instagram or your text posts on LinkedIn, look no further than your anchor content! If your anchor content includes “3 tips for…” or “5 ways to improve…” create your captions based on one of your three or five things! Voila, you now have 3 to 5 captions for Instagram or LinkedIn posts.
  1. Quotes from your own content

You see the current trend on IG where you share a screenshot of a tweeted quote and reshare to ‘the gram’ right? Well, why not do the same from your own content? You likely have a few, one liners throughout your anchor content you can lean on. Do the ol instagram trend with your quote, for sure! AND quote yourself in a LinkedIn text post with a thoughtful caption and question to your audience to provoke engagement!

  1. Reels Ideas…and TikToks too!
    If you haven’t caught on by now, Reels is where it’s at on Instagram. Not only that, you can repurpose reels for video ads on Pinterest! Your anchor content can also help you with ideas around TikTok as well. The best way to create educational reels is to look at the value points you list in your anchor content. Take one and condense it down to the one takeaway for your audience or ideal client. There is your 15 second reel or TikTok!

You’ll find some marketing and social media strategists say you should really only stick to one or two platforms. I couldn’t disagree more. Be everywhere to reach your audience in all the places. I truly believe that. Leverage all the social media platforms that you can, repurpose always, and create massive positive impact with your content.

Would love to hear your thoughts on content creation, where you struggle and what you like about it all!

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