Advice on Building a Strong Personal Brand

October 18, 2022


So, we’re supposed to build personal brands, right?

I think at this point, the fact that we SHOULD do this is common knowledge in the business world. But the reality of doing it is a little trickier.

How do you show who you are in a way that’s intriguing, valuable, and distinct from everyone trying to do the same thing?

Well, I may not have EVERY answer, but I do have some helpful pointers on this topic from my own experience in building a personal brand as well as through my experience as an agency owner who helps to amplify personal brands on LinkedIn.

I was lucky enough to be invited onto a panel with other truly amazing women in business, and we shared our advice for you on this topic on a LinkedIn Live last week!

Click here to watch, or keep reading for a little more information on this fun masterclass, who was involved, and what we dove into!

The Super Impressive Panel Lineup

(Yes, I am TOTALLY name-dropping here because these women are stellar!)

Panel Members
Candace Nelson: Founder of Sprinkles, Investor, TV Personality, and NYT Bestselling Author (also a sweet LinkedIn client of ours!)

Nyakio Grieco: Social Beauty Entrepreneur, founder of ThirteenLune and Relevant

Sara Wilson: Digital Growth Strategist, Founder of SW Projects

Lindsay Mitrosilis (that’s me!): Founder of Mitrosilis Consulting, LinkedIn Guru

We were also moderated by the wonderful Melissa Magsaysay, a fashion and beauty journalist and brand consultant.

A Peek into the Conversation

The reason we take time and dive so deeply into this idea of building a personal brand is that society has fundamentally changed the way they buy. We know now that people buy so much more based on connection and emotion, and as business owners and leaders, we need to find a way to create that connection through web platforms.

In our convo, Sara mentioned that personal connection influences trust, and TRUST is what changes sales over time. Building a personal brand can get people coming to you rather than you feeling like you have to go get the people. If you’ve felt that way in business, be sure to tune into the whole convo!

Nyakio touched on the power of authentic storytelling as a way to invite people into your world instead of inserting yourself into their world, much like paid advertising tends to do. She also noted that more than ever we want to see ourselves reflected in others, and tapping into the personal elements of building your brand can do that for people.

Candace so aptly put that we have an opportunity through an online personal brand to get SUPER TARGETED, a chance to own our specific space. That takes the competition out of the picture and provides a way for you to whisper to the right people rather than shouting to everyone (and their moms and grandmas, too!).

And I got to talk through the metrics that MATTER when we’re building our personal brands on a platform like LinkedIn. It’s important to know that any social media platform is at the very top of our funnel. This is where we build hype, create awareness, and tap into MORE people. But the key to making that work for you is ensuring that there’s an intentional next step so that you can use all of that visibility to move closer to more sales over time.

Click here to tune in to the full conversation and find out what you can apply to your personal brand TODAY.

What do you want to know about building a personal brand?

We SO enjoyed getting super specific on this topic and I was so honored to be in conversation with these amazing business minds. Was it helpful? What do you want to dive deeper on when it comes to creating a personal brand? Is there anything you want to know about building your personal brand on LinkedIn, specifically?

Hop over to LinkedIn and send me a message letting me know HERE!