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Is sharing your Free Guide or Lead Magnet a good idea on LinkedIn?? YES! In this blog I’m sharing 3 reasons why doing so is a good idea PLUS 5 lead magnet ideas for you to share with your audience on LinkedIn!

3 Reasons Why Sharing Resources and Freebies on LinkedIn is a Good Idea

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Are you an online business owner ready for launch mode? LinkedIn is a powerful business tool that has the highest paying web audience. What that means to you is you have access to a new audience curious and interested in your offers! And the real value is that you will be able to sell with ease and confidence. Being able to sell confidently while serving others is what you want isn’t it? This blog is for you if you’re quickly approaching launch season!

5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Product Launch


It’s time to think differently about how you approach LinkedIn for your business. This platform is an incredible tool for you to connect, network and engage with either, your ideal client OR those that can get you in front of your ideal client. What that means to you is you’ll build a stronger pipeline of leads. And the real value is that you’ll create more top of line revenue for your business. Being able to close more business is what you’re looking for isn’t it? Read more to learn how to shift your thinking and mindset when using LinkedIn!

How to have a B2B Mindset in your B2C Business


If you’re looking to create more efficiency in your business but are not sure where to start, have you evaluated the time spent on SOCIAL MEDIA? I’m sure this is nothing new, we’ve all been there, right? We go for a mindless scroll on a social media platform and look up 45 minutes later and wonder where the time went! Here are 3 tips to leverage your time BEST on LinkedIn…

How should I spend my time on LinkedIn?


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The most common concerns about becoming active on LinkedIn and how you can overcome them

3 reasons you might be worried about posting on LinkedIn…


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Have you ever experienced that excitement that happens just as you’re about to hit ‘publish’ on your LinkedIn article? The one you so thoughtfully crafted for your community in hopes it serves them when they read it? All to have it sit on your profile with the hope that people read it when they visit […]

How to leverage your LinkedIn Articles in your business


This tends to be a popular topic for so many online business owners today. Raise your hand if you feel like 75% of your job is spent on social media. Whether you’re creating content, posting, engaging, etc. doesn’t it feel like it never ends? Here’s what I know to be true. The minute you post […]

5 ways to repurpose your content and create more time in your week


As silly as this may sound, people are looking to be told what to do. Honestly! Okay, maybe not everyone but most people. For example, how many times have you attempted a diet or to create a new, healthy lifestyle and one of the criteria you have is “just tell me what to do”. Yeah, […]

3 tips to creating a call to action that sticks!