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A few weeks ago, LinkedIn’s Internal Creator Team sent an email sharing results of a survey they recently did with some interesting stats that directly affect the way YOU should be showing up on the platform in 2023! The survey showed what type of content people prefer to see from both: their internal network (which […]

Why Personal Stories Work On LinkedIn and How To Use Them Well

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We’re still in the early parts of 2023, so new habits, new routines and new goals are probably still pretty top of mind for you. Whether those are specific to your life or to your business, it’s no secret that the habits we implement and the actions we take today will have a direct effect […]

The 10 Minute Daily Habit That Could Skyrocket Your Business Growth


Did you know that out of the many social media platforms out there, there are only TWO main platforms where you can receive a huge amount of organic reach? Yes, only two. Can you guess what they are? TikTok and LinkedIn. When I say organic reach in this sense, I’m talking about the fact that […]

What TikTok Being Banned Could Mean For LinkedIn


Two words that have been on everyone’s mind over the past 3 years now: job security. It all started in 2020…I don’t need to remind you of how insane that experience was, but that’s truly when the business world started to shift.  People left their jobs, businesses down sized, work from home became the norm […]

Hey Job Seeker: Stop Looking For The Right Company & Look For THIS Instead


linkedin for job seekers

One of the questions I get asked almost daily about LinkedIn is, “but what do I post?” And I get it! You want to make sure you’re posting engaging and valuable content. This is why I like to use THIS LinkedIn content creation hack.

If You Don’t Know What To Post On LinkedIn, Read This


You might be shocked to find out that LinkedIn isn’t that boring and stuffy platform only for corporate people that it once was.

In fact, freelancers, entrepreneurs, network marketers and bigtime creators and influencers are joining the conversation on LinkedIn and landing BIG clients and brand deals because of it.

So why did these people join the LinkedIn train?! Because someone told them to. Keep reading to find out who!

The Most Unexpected (Yet Common) Reason People Join LinkedIn


the reason people join linkedin

If you put two products next to each other, what makes someone choose one and not the other? It could boil down to visibility, reputation, but it’s really all about COMMUNITY. Keep reading to uncover how community can help you reach your growth goals.

How Community Causes LEAPS of Growth


the power of community

If you’re wanting to get more out of LinkedIn, here are 3 basics you can start with to make sure your profile is ready to gain more traction.

Give Yourself a Leg Up on LinkedIn


The consumer world tends to shift regularly between wanting self-taught resources and wanting done-for-you providers. Which way is our world leaning right now?

Self-Taught or Done-for-You? The Pendulum Swings


Find out the top 4 reasons people are avoiding LinkedIn, and why your growth demands that you get on the platform despite those fears.

Avoiding LinkedIn? Why You Can’t Afford to Anymore


why you can't afford to avoid linkedin

Audience building is no longer just for online entrepreneurs and influencers. If you work in corporate or are an individual contributor, you may be able to create more job security than ever before by beginning to build your audience on LinkedIn.

Why “Audience Building” Should Be Your Focus in 2023


how to build an audience on linkedin

If you’re feeling a little uncertain about your career or business as we head into the new year, it might be time for you to create your own insurance policy using LinkedIn. Keep reading to find out more!

3 Things to Help You Feel More Secure About Your Career Future


3 ways to feel more secure about your career

Being a small business owner might feel like you’re going after the same clients and customers as everyone else. What if there was a way to use your expertise to provide value to medium to large corporate companies as well? Keep reading to find out more about this untapped territory and how LinkedIn can help you break into the market.

Untapped Territory: Finding Corporate Opportunities as a Small Business Owner


A conversation between Candace Nelson, Nyakio Grieco, Sara Wilson, and Linsday Mitrosilis as Melissa Magsaysay guides them into giving their best advice for building your personal brand.

Advice on Building a Strong Personal Brand


how to build a strong personal brand

Interested in finding your ideal clients on LinkedIn? Here are 3 tips to help you do just that, and all faster than any “ideal client exercise” you might have done before. With better results, too!

How do I find my ideal clients on LinkedIn?


how to find ideal clients on linkedin

LinkedIn is a social media platform that can help you get leads and sales. But have you thought of the unseen opportunities that may come with getting strategic on this platform?

What if Leads and Sales Weren’t the ONLY Ways to Grow Your Brand?


There’s a point that many executives, managers, and thought leaders reach in business where it’s time to take the focus OFF of generating leads and sales and put it ON generating connections with talent to build their team. If you’re at that point, this blog post is for you.

The Executive Switch: From Lead Gen for Sales to Talent Gen


If you’ve been on the internet in the past decade, you KNOW that multitasking is OUT and single-tasking is in. But knowing you should avoid it, and actually avoiding it are two totally different things. Keep reading to find out my 3 tips to help you quit your multitasking addiction!

3 Tips to Quit Your Multitasking Addiction


3 tips to stop multitasking

Looking for a way to create more content in less time? Or maybe you want to take a break altogether? The 3 R Method is a simple system that can help you do more with what you’ve already created so you can continue creating traction with your content as you make room for rest.

The 3R Method: A quick framework to creating bomb content when you’re burnt out


how to create engaging content

Creating traction toward your goals in business and work is about more than just tackling your to-do list. If you’re looking to not just DO MORE, but to really BE MORE over time, then steal my DAILYS strategy so you can do just that!

Steal My “Dailys” Strategy to Create More Traction Over Time


daily morning routine as a business owner

Find out what happened inside of my business and my mindset as I set out to post 30 days of video, straight, on LinkedIn.

I Posted 30 Days Straight of Video on LinkedIn + Here’s What I Learned


linkedin video content

With carousel posts being prioritized and pushed on LinkedIn, I wanna walk you through the 4 key components to crafting something CAPTIVATING, so you can get more traction out of the content you spend time creating.

4 Key Components for a Captivating LinkedIn Carousel Post


how to use carousel posts on linkedin

In this post I’ll walk you through how to create a carousel post on LinkedIn, even if you’re not a “creator.” Keep reading for the step-by-step and why this type of content can grow your audience on the platform!

How to Create a Carousel Post on LinkedIn (even if you’re not a “creator”)


how to create a carousel post on linkedin

As a leader, a service provider, or even an employee, it can be really difficult to make everyone happy when we all have different expectations. Using this one question in your day-to-day work can really change “happiness” for all parties involved. Keep reading to find out what it is and why it matters.

The One Question Every Working Professional Should Ask Daily


This blog post will teach managers, executives, and leaders how to get more out of LinkedIn so they can not just survive The Great Resignation, but can actually exceed their goals in the next 1-2 years.

The Manager, Executive, and Leader’s Guide to Winning at LinkedIn in the Next 1-2 Years


You can use LinkedIn as a Business Owner or Entrepreneur? If that’s news to you, keep reading to find out what this platform that was built for business can do for yours during this economic and social climate.

LinkedIn for Business Owners + Entrepreneurs: How the Platform Built for Business can Accelerate Your Goals in the Next 1-2 Years


Lindsay Mitrosilis LinkedIn

Find out how LinkedIn can play a role in your job search, employee search, or business growth during The Great Resignation.

Could LinkedIn Fuel Your Fire During The Great Realignment?


Do you ever feel like LinkedIn isn’t for you because it down right feels intimidating or you don’t know what you’ll say when you get on there? I get it! I too want to feel confident everywhere I am on the internet, LinkedIn is no different! In this blog, you’ll learn how to show up confidently on LinkedIn… let’s go!



Ready to increase your profile views? Do this ONE thing and get 21x more views on your LinkedIn…

How To Get More Profile Views on LinkedIn


Are you taking LinkedIn for a spin these days scratching your head about posting times and engagement? Not sure when to post or why your content isn’t getting much traction with your audience? I totally get it. Here are a few tips to consider as you’re starting to post more and more on LinkedIn!

Getting Posting Times Right on LinkedIn For Meaningful Engagement


Ever wondered what else LinkedIn can offer you? In this blog, I’m sharing some examples of how you can leverage LinkedIn for your business and more!

Why LinkedIn is a GREAT Idea…Beyond Leads and Sales


Do you ever wonder what the heck you’re supposed to write in that Summary section of your LinkedIn profile? Maybe you’ve let LinkedIn do it for you and summarize all the buzz words throughout your Experience section to create a nice little paragraph of y-o-u. When done correctly, your About Section can do the ‘heavy lifting’ or selling for you. What that means to you is that you can trust your connections and audience clearly know how you serve them. And the real value is that you can have confidence knowing your LinkedIn profile is working for you! Read more to learn how to optimize this part of your profile as an entrepreneur!

3 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Summary (About) Section as an Entrepreneur


Is sharing your Free Guide or Lead Magnet a good idea on LinkedIn?? YES! In this blog I’m sharing 3 reasons why doing so is a good idea PLUS 5 lead magnet ideas for you to share with your audience on LinkedIn!

3 Reasons Why Sharing Resources and Freebies on LinkedIn is a Good Idea


There are currently over 2 million active LinkedIn groups and more than 8,000 others are entering the playing field each week. People who engage in group discussions get an average of four times more profile views than other LinkedIn members! What that means to you is you’ll more leads checking out what you’re all about! And the real value is that you’re profile will be doing the work for you. Being able to maximize your time for your business is what you want isn’t it?

LinkedIn Groups: What’s the 411?


Are you an online business owner ready for launch mode? LinkedIn is a powerful business tool that has the highest paying web audience. What that means to you is you have access to a new audience curious and interested in your offers! And the real value is that you will be able to sell with ease and confidence. Being able to sell confidently while serving others is what you want isn’t it? This blog is for you if you’re quickly approaching launch season!

5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Product Launch


It’s time to think differently about how you approach LinkedIn for your business. This platform is an incredible tool for you to connect, network and engage with either, your ideal client OR those that can get you in front of your ideal client. What that means to you is you’ll build a stronger pipeline of leads. And the real value is that you’ll create more top of line revenue for your business. Being able to close more business is what you’re looking for isn’t it? Read more to learn how to shift your thinking and mindset when using LinkedIn!

How to have a B2B Mindset in your B2C Business


As a business owner, entrepreneur, someone who runs a company, and salesperson (yes, you are all those things if you run your own business!) you know how important it is to create meaningful connections within a social network and access those relationships regularly! Whether you’re looking for potential customers or trying to keep in touch […]

Creating B2C Connections on LinkedIn: Strategies to Help You Build Your Business Network and Grow Your Customer Base