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Last week on the blog, I kicked off a series about personal brand, or personal presence as I like to refer to it.  The concept of personal brand has escalated in the last few years and it’s something that you see a lot of people talking about in the online space, especially on LinkedIn. As […]

Why Does Having a Personal Brand Matter?

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If you follow me on Instagram or are a part of my LinkedIn circle, you know that I’ve been sharing some behind the scenes of my personal life a little more lately. The first two months of 2023 didn’t necessarily go as expected, so the way that I’ve been showing up has looked a lot […]

What Building Your Legacy Really Looks Like


We’re still in the early parts of 2023, so new habits, new routines and new goals are probably still pretty top of mind for you. Whether those are specific to your life or to your business, it’s no secret that the habits we implement and the actions we take today will have a direct effect […]

The 10 Minute Daily Habit That Could Skyrocket Your Business Growth


If you put two products next to each other, what makes someone choose one and not the other? It could boil down to visibility, reputation, but it’s really all about COMMUNITY. Keep reading to uncover how community can help you reach your growth goals.

How Community Causes LEAPS of Growth


the power of community

If you’ve been on the internet in the past decade, you KNOW that multitasking is OUT and single-tasking is in. But knowing you should avoid it, and actually avoiding it are two totally different things. Keep reading to find out my 3 tips to help you quit your multitasking addiction!

3 Tips to Quit Your Multitasking Addiction


3 tips to stop multitasking

There are currently over 2 million active LinkedIn groups and more than 8,000 others are entering the playing field each week. People who engage in group discussions get an average of four times more profile views than other LinkedIn members! What that means to you is you’ll more leads checking out what you’re all about! And the real value is that you’re profile will be doing the work for you. Being able to maximize your time for your business is what you want isn’t it?

LinkedIn Groups: What’s the 411?


If you’re looking to create more efficiency in your business but are not sure where to start, have you evaluated the time spent on SOCIAL MEDIA? I’m sure this is nothing new, we’ve all been there, right? We go for a mindless scroll on a social media platform and look up 45 minutes later and wonder where the time went! Here are 3 tips to leverage your time BEST on LinkedIn…

How should I spend my time on LinkedIn?


Lindsay Mitrosilis scrolling on her phone social media

Do you struggle with feeling like LinkedIn is a good platform for you to be? Whether you think your ideal clients are here or not, having a presence on LinkedIn is good for business. Now, given that there are 750 million users (and growing daily) I’d guess your ideal client is on LinkedIn. So what’s […]

3 tips on how to become more confident showing up on linkedin