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Welcome to part 3 of the Personal Brand 101 Series here on the blog! The past 3 weeks on the blog I’ve been diving into what personal brand (or presence) really means, why it matters and now we’re getting into HOW you can build yours effectively.  Before you can really dive into the how, it’s […]

3 Ways To Effectively Build Your Personal Brand (or Presence)

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It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the place to be for job seekers. In fact, over 49 million people use the platform to search for jobs every single week and it’s been reported that in every minute, 6 people get hired on LinkedIn. Pretty wild, right?! But LinkedIn is no longer JUST for job seekers. […]

4 Reasons You Want Your Employees Using LinkedIn


If you’ve consumed any of my content ever, whether that be on Instagram, LinkedIn or here on the blog, you’ve undoubtedly heard me talk about the power of LinkedIn and know that you need to be on the platform. What I find far too often is that joining the platform isn’t always the problem. People […]

LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts For Connections, Clients and Customers


linkedin do's and dont's

A few weeks ago, LinkedIn’s Internal Creator Team sent an email sharing results of a survey they recently did with some interesting stats that directly affect the way YOU should be showing up on the platform in 2023! The survey showed what type of content people prefer to see from both: their internal network (which […]

Why Personal Stories Work On LinkedIn and How To Use Them Well


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We’re still in the early parts of 2023, so new habits, new routines and new goals are probably still pretty top of mind for you. Whether those are specific to your life or to your business, it’s no secret that the habits we implement and the actions we take today will have a direct effect […]

The 10 Minute Daily Habit That Could Skyrocket Your Business Growth


Did you know that out of the many social media platforms out there, there are only TWO main platforms where you can receive a huge amount of organic reach? Yes, only two. Can you guess what they are? TikTok and LinkedIn. When I say organic reach in this sense, I’m talking about the fact that […]

What TikTok Being Banned Could Mean For LinkedIn


As a business owner, entrepreneur, someone who runs a company, and salesperson (yes, you are all those things if you run your own business!) you know how important it is to create meaningful connections within a social network and access those relationships regularly! Whether you’re looking for potential customers or trying to keep in touch […]

Creating B2C Connections on LinkedIn: Strategies to Help You Build Your Business Network and Grow Your Customer Base


Two words that have been on everyone’s mind over the past 3 years now: job security. It all started in 2020…I don’t need to remind you of how insane that experience was, but that’s truly when the business world started to shift.  People left their jobs, businesses down sized, work from home became the norm […]

Hey Job Seeker: Stop Looking For The Right Company & Look For THIS Instead


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