Could LinkedIn Fuel Your Fire During The Great Realignment?

July 20, 2022


Don’t worry, this is not just another blog post telling you what you already know about The Great Resignation.

Because we’ve all heard it over and over, right?
47 million: the amount of people who quit their jobs over the course of 2021
4.53 million: the amount of people who quit their jobs IN MARCH OF 2022

The gist of it? Today’s workforce is quitting left and right, and it’s not just the newbies or entry-level positions, but we’ve found more and more people willing to leave their CAREERS in lieu of something different.

But, even though it’s clear they’re leaving for something more, I think that “more” is more varied than just wanting a fatter paycheck.

In this blog post, I want to talk about what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes of this mass Exodus, but more importantly, I’m excited to dive into how LinkedIn (yes, REALLY) could be the fuel you need to find that fire you might be looking for during this season.

The Great Resignation vs. The Great Realignment

I’m by no means the first one to say it, but I’m less a fan of calling this The Great Resignation and more inclined to call it The Great Realignment.

The former really names the lag metric, it calls it by the “effect.” But if we want to truly analyze the situation so we can navigate it at our very best, it feels more helpful to look at the lead metric, or the “cause.”

So, sure, people are quitting. But what exactly is going on in the hearts and minds of the people that’s leading to these life changing shifts, by the droves?

I think it’s a couple of things:

  1. Big life events can spur a reorienting of priorities. And, oddly enough, the entire GLOBE had a giant life event at the very same time when the pandemic hit. Not to mention the domino effect life events that occurred even after the onset of that (difficulty of childcare, widespread fear, political turmoil, etc.).
  2. Quite simply? The workforce just holds MORE OPTIONS these days. Options for working remotely. Options to become a consultant. Easier access to starting your own business. With more options, it seems the workforce as a whole is asking, “Hmmm, what if I could just [insert desire here]?”

So, with that said, people are realigning toward what they really want, but as I mentioned above, it’s not just MORE PAY people are seeking.

In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, within that 43 million in 2021 or 5.53 million in March 2022, it’s not just the disgruntled corporate people in the mix. There are actually 5 different categories included in the “leaving their job” statistics. HBR refers to these as The 5 R’s: retirement, relocation, reconsideration, reshuffling, reluctance.

Within these categories, we can see, if we eliminate retirement, that what’s left is simply people realigning their lives to various priorities.

The relocators are prioritizing, well, LOCATION. Or maybe more importantly, location FREEDOM.
The reconsiderers are prioritizing what they REALLY want to do, career-wise (this is what everyone tends to think of within The Great Resignation).
The reshufflers are taking a step back and prioritizing where they can contribute with more purpose in their current career or organization.
The reluctant workers are prioritizing a new way of working, wondering if it’s NECESSARY to go back to the physical workplace.

And there’s ONE thing we can glean from all of this: Gone are the days when we work or apply aimlessly.

The current workforce wants more, but that “more” might be in the form of purpose, freedom, flexibility, alignment, and dare I say it… FUN?

How LinkedIn Can Fuel Your “Realignment” Fire

So, what does that mean for YOU?

Well, the cool thing about this Great Realignment era is that it gives us all a chance to think of that core question, “What do I REALLY want my work life to look like?”

That question, coupled with a connection-first platform like LinkedIn, you just might be able to land some opportunities you never saw coming, simply because of the simultaneous gaps and options that exist in the marketplace right now.

But, HERE’S THE KICKER: The ability to see change is not only in the hands of the job-seeking.

If you’re a manager or executive:

It may feel overwhelming to experience a void in your organization, but this presents a unique opportunity for you to start to attract the talent you REALLY want to align with in this next season.

Utilizing LinkedIn to it’s fullest potential is about more than just “accepting” your high school or college acquaintances.

When you use our PCE Framework (post, connect, engage), you can begin to attract those members of the workforce who are searching for more purpose and alignment because you can exemplify the values you want to be held true within your own organization.

In short? It means higher-quality applicants and holistically motivated hires.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur:

LinkedIn isn’t just for the suits, okay?

The platform is full of people who intend to connect in a way that moves their business or organization forward. Getting intentional on LinkedIn means you’ll have the chance to break into a new circle, get out of your echo chamber, GET LEADS, MAKE SALES, find unexpected opportunities, and maybe even find someone killer to hire in the process.

The gist of it? 30% of LinkedIn users are NOT on Instagram. Hellloooooo, new lead pool!

If you’re a job seeker:

This one may seem like a given, but it’s a common pitfall to think all you need to do is BE on LinkedIn to find a good job.

When you use our PCE Framework to amplify the showstopping profile we can help you create (through our LinkedIn Bootcamp!), you’ll find yourself “in the room” with people you never thought possible and knocking on the door of that Great Realignment you’ve been craving.

The big idea here? Being on the platform may not get you where you wanna go, but the right strategy can get you where you didn’t even think to dream up.

So, will you let The Great Resignation (or Great Realignment) pass you by, or will you ride the wave and find your way toward the people who are Realigning to the kind of progress you want, too?

P.S. Stay tuned for the next couple weeks as we hone in more specifically on how each type of LinkedIn user (execs, biz owners, job seekers) can maximize that “wave” of the next 1-2 years in the aftermath of this big shift.

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