Getting Posting Times Right on LinkedIn For Meaningful Engagement

June 13, 2022


I hear this one all of the time, “Linds- I get that I need to be on LinkedIn and also that I need to post on a regular basis, but when the heck should I be posting to get followers and connections to actually engage with my posts?” Here are some of my thoughts on this. 

What does BEST mean on LinkedIn? 
Engagement. We want meaningful engagement on posts and not just likes. Having meaningful engagement means having an audience in tune and paying attention. 

When to post
In general, the best days to posts are during the work week, Monday – Friday (hellllllllloooooo to weekends off!!!) and anytime between 7:00 – 1:00 BUT, if you find that most of your target audience isn’t responding well to your posts at these times, then feel free to switch it up and see what works the best for you. There are no right and wrongs here folks. The key is to make sure that you are posting consistently. 

In the land of social media and marketing, we’re always testing. TEST, TEST, TEST. Get into a rhythm of posting consistently, see what’s working and what isn’t, and then switch it up. 

Scheduling apps
You absolutely can use scheduling apps to get your LinkedIn content game consistent. The three that I recommend are Buffer (free), (paid), and SproutSocial (paid). If you want something to help you save more time and be streamlined with your posting, scheduling apps are the way to go. Give one a try and test it out for yourself. 

If you start getting concerned or wrapped up in the data…It’s normal and I feel you. Is your content resonating with your connections? If you haven’t actively been connecting with your ideal clients who you know LOVE your content on other social sites, then chances are, your network is the problem, not your content. 

Be sure to fill your network with those that are your ideal clients. If your network is currently old co-workers that have nothing to do with your current business, there’s the problem. Easy fix.

Time to get your connection game on! 
If you’re feeling a little uneasy about making connections because you’re worried about your profile not being fully set up, reach out. I would be happy to help you! Check out the ‘work with me’ page here on my website!

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