How Community Causes LEAPS of Growth

December 5, 2022


This year I made a decision to switch from our current Everything-Provider (email, landing pages, checkout pages, course platform, etc.) to a different provider for our funnel needs.

Spoiler: We jumped to ClickFunnels.

Here’s the funny part — when my team member who deals with most of the tech on the backend of our business found out I bought into this platform, she point blank asked me, “Why’d you do that?”

And I COMPLETELY get why she was skeptical. ClickFunnels doesn’t technically have any capabilities that our other platform doesn’t. 

But ya know what Russell Brunson (and ClickFunnels by extension) does unbelievably well?


Yep, I bought into a platform simply because I was sold on the community.

And, honestly? It got me thinking… Community is one of the highest-yielding benefits that LinkedIn can provide for anyone on the platform. It’s the MAIN reason why I think you should invest your time into creating content on LinkedIn. So let’s break down what community has done for me (and what I know it can do for you, too).

3 Reasons to Align with the Right Community + Invest in Building Connections

Reason #1: Successful people align themselves with others who are going after the same things.
This is one of the MAIN reasons I joined ClickFunnels. Online entrepreneurship can be lonely. My toddler and 3-month-old have no clue what a “funnel” is, so I kinda just have to talk to myself about lead generation and click-through-rates these days. I knew that getting into a community of others who were going after similar goals could push me further faster in getting to mine.

LinkedIn is an amazingly-easy place to find and align with people who are on similar paths to you. It’s an active community, constantly pushing one another toward the “more” they’re craving. It’s rare that you find social platforms that are geared towards “we” instead of just “me” anymore, and that’s what I love about LinkedIn.

Reason #2: Successful people thrive on a challenge.
ClickFunnels has this thing called the “Two Comma Club Award” and honestly…I want it. It basically means that you’ve accumulated a million dollars or more in revenue through your funnel. But, that’s not the point. The point here is that they’ve learned how to leverage awards and competition within their community in a really uplifting way. The most successful people are running with others, neck and neck, sharing the journey and pushing each other to a common goal. They’re also there to cheer for you when you get there.

If you’re a business owner you understand this… Entrepreneurship can be lonely. That’s why finding community can be the catalyst for someone to buy.

LinkedIn may conjure up feelings of stuffy corporate culture or a task you HAD to complete during you senior year of college, but the truth is: LinkedIn is one of the most uplifting places on the internet when you find your community. If you want to find people who will cheer for you and challenge you to be better, this is the platform.

Reason #3: Visibility and reputation draws successful people in.
People who are going somewhere want to align themselves with people and tools that are clearly going somewhere, too. The platform we’ve used in the past has isnt interested in building their community…it’s just not their approach. Within the ClickFunnels community, on the other hand, their people are bought in and telling everyone about. They’re known for this in the online business space, and since that’s what I want for my business and online presence, I was drawn to it.

One of the best ways to start CREATING visibility and CRAFTING a solid reputation is on LinkedIn. Word travels fast on this community-centered platform. People recognize quality content when they see it, because they’re here to LEARN. So if visibility and reputation is something you want to capitalize on in your own journey, it’s time to start posting content on LinkedIn.

Do you have a community who’s going after the same things as you? If you answered “no,” and you like what we’re about over here, I’ve got good news! We’ll be launching a membership community soon designed to support you in your LinkedIn journey. It will be the perfect place for you to find these like-minded go-getters you can do life and business with! Stay tuned for more details in January 2023!

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