How should I spend my time on LinkedIn?

April 25, 2022


If you’re looking to create more efficiency in your business but are not sure where to start, have you evaluated the time spent on SOCIAL MEDIA? I’m sure this is nothing new, we’ve all been there, right? We go for a mindless scroll on a social media platform and look up 45 minutes later and wonder where the time went! GAH!! 

So when you’re considering using LinkedIn as a platform for your business, you may feel like not only is LinkedIn another platform you need to learn but you also don’t want another place you might find yourself aimlessly scrolling…

This article is for you if you’ve been wondering how to navigate LinkedIn best and use it in the most time-efficient way!

Here’s why LinkedIn is SO good…

This isn’t a place for fluffy content! In fact, 6:10 users are actively searching for insights not looking to mindlessly scroll at all. Meaning, they’re coming to LinkedIn to find the juice and some actionable takeaways. That’s where you come in and to answer your question, “how do I ensure my time on LinkedIn is ROI positive for my business?”. 


Make sure to post the goods. Create content that’s educational and valuable to your audience or ideal client. If you’re not sure where to start on content creation, make sure you have a few content pillars in place. I recommend having 5, one for each day of the week. Work through these pillars when you sit down to write an article, create a post or a video. Do this for all the social media platforms you’re on, it’ll save you TONS of time. 

LinkedIn is also all about networking. Not like the weird schmoozy kind you may associate with the term networking, but actual business connections that can enhance your business. So what’s another thing you can do to ensure your time is used wisely on LinkedIn?


Spend time engaging with others. Because it’s a networking platform, we have to do just that…NETWORK! Socialize with others, comment on their posts, add value and insights, and tag others you think might enjoy someone else’s post or article. It may feel foreign or strange at first, but the more you interact with others and have meaningful conversations (that can absolutely lead to sales) the more your time is getting the best bang for its buck on LinkedIn. 

Part 2 to the networking bit and probably the sexiest part of using the platform for your business (and yes, I said it. LinkedIn is sexy) is that it allows you to target and connect with your ideal client. As long as you’re clear on who you serve, support and sell to you can identify your people a lot faster than you might on other platforms… How can you do this effectively and efficiently?


Know your ideal client and connect with them. DO NOT BE SHY. This is where the magic is made my friend. Be proactive, be on the offensive, and bridge the gap between you and the people who need you. Make a list of the top 5 personas your ideal client would fall under on LinkedIn. Meaning, are they a specific level of management? Do they work in a particular industry? What role are they likely in? When you can narrow down your ideal clients using this information, simply search in the top search bar and be amazed at the thousands of people you can connect with. 

Remember, when it comes to your business, sales, and time, it isn’t magic… it’s math! The more you connect with, the places you spend time that are more fruitful for you, the more you win. 

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