How To Get More Profile Views on LinkedIn

June 20, 2022


I’ve been getting this question a lot, “How do I get more profile views?” Okay, so here’s the thing: My number one mission is to help you find your future favorite clients from LinkedIn. But I am also here to help you truly understand why you want more qualified leads and the bigger impact that will have on your life as a whole. 

It’s not just about the clients, it’s about the overall, long-term results. 

It all starts with your PROFILE PHOTO. Real talk: Did you know that having a profile picture and setting it to public on LinkedIn, ALONE, will increase your profile views? Don’t worry – you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for a quality headshot. 

Here are a few things that you need to know: 

  1. Camera phone: No fancy camera is needed. The camera on your phone is super high quality for a reason. USE IT.
  2. Tripod (or anything that you can set your phone on like books, a mug, a ledge – whatever holds your camera upright and still will work).
  3. Good lighting. This is non-negotiable. Good lighting can come in the form of a Ring light -or- next to a window with natural lighting (which is the BEST). 
  4. A few outfits (content creator hack 101). Have a few tops you can swap out to give yourself some options to look through. Ideally, nothing with too much “distraction” – beads, lines, shapes, prints, etc. that will take away from your beautiful gorgeous face. 
  5. Lightroom (a must-have app). Once your solo shoot is finished, take your photos to the app on your phone called Lightroom. There are plenty of ways to brighten, straighten, sharpen, enhance, minimize (etc.) all of the aspects of your photo to glam it up and give you that pro glow. 

Pro-Tip: Use the timer feature on your phone so you can set it and step back, adjust, and get yourself ready (without your arm in there too)! 

Goal: Don’t make it look like a selfie, ya know? 

How are you going to take action today so that people can see your face on LinkedIn tomorrow (or later today)? 

If updating your profile photo is as far as you can get your LinkedIn profile on your own and looking for a done-for-you service for the rest, I GOTCHU! Check out my done-for-you service offerings and let’s get that profile ready!

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