How to have a B2B Mindset in your B2C Business

May 2, 2022


Having a B2B Mindset on LinkedIn

This term tends to feel very corporate, too professional and stuffy… kinda like how some entrepreneurs feel about LinkedIn! So let’s break it down and change it up a bit shall we?If you’re reading this then you’re ready to think differently about how you approach LinkedIn for your business. This platform can be an incredible tool for you to connect, network and engage with either, your ideal client OR those that can get you in front of your ideal client. This article is dedicated to understanding what it means to have a B2B mindset. 

What does B2B mean?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term B2B it simply means business to business. Basically, one business sells to another business. For example, let’s say you sell fruits and vegetables to restaurants so they can make incredible meals for their guests. The B2C (business to customer) version of this is you selling fruits and vegetables at the farmers market. You sell directly to consumers, those that will go home and make their own meals! Very simple example but you get the picture!

What does a B2B mindset mean and why it’s important as an entrepreneur?

On LinkedIn, a lot of members, not all, but a lot are leveraging the platform to connect with other businesses or business leaders for B2B purposes. AND that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same. Here are two questions I want you to keep in mind as you think about how to use LinkedIn differently for your business.

  • Who do I need to connect with?
  • How can I sell my products or services differently?

Asking these types of questions helps our brain think in a new way around business challenges. That’s how we continue to grow and innovate. If the pandemic taught us anything as an entrepreneur, it’s to have the ability to think creatively when things go unplanned or sideways. When we ask ourselves these questions and begin to think of new ways to serve more people, the floodgates open! 

How to apply this to your business?

Here are some general stats to consider when it comes to LinkedIn and lead generation for your business…

  • 80% of b2b marketers see LinkedIn as a great source of generating leads.
  • A B2B approach on LinkedIn is 2x more effective for lead generation than Twitter and Facebook. 
  • 1:3 marketers see LinkedIn as a source that generates revenue for them

When it comes to social media and using all the platforms as tools for our business, we have to think about each one a little differently. These corners of the internet are not the same and not created equal! Here’s how you can think about LinkedIn differently. B2B MINDSET!

  1. Think about your ideal client and who else they work with to solve their problems or what other brands they love that helps them overcome their biggest challenges.
  2. What value can you add to that company, small business, consultant, etc?
  3. Reach out with a solution that allows you both to serve your ideal clients/audience

Podcasters are great people to partner with! They’re typically looking for others to help them contribute to their audience and bring more value. That’s where you can help AND promote your business + what you do. 

Coaches are also a great type of business owner to collaborate with? If you’re a coach too, you get this! Sometimes the thing that’s preventing our clients from achieving the goal we’re supporting them with is out of our scope! What better way to bring in another expert on a topic that could help your client THRIVE! This applies to group coaching programs and mastermind groups, not just 1:1 scenarios. 

Remember that 49% of LinkedIn users make over $75,000 a year. That means you are speaking to the highest paying web audience out in the ether!

Now, do you feel like you want to get started on LinkedIn but you need some guidance?! 

Check out the LinkedIn Bootcamp as a way to get started HERE!

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