If You Don’t Know What To Post On LinkedIn, Read This

December 26, 2022


As a LinkedIn strategist that encourages the use of the platform to people every single day – whether they’re job seekers, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, employees or network marketers – one of the questions I get asked almost daily is, “but what do I post?”

And this is a valid question especially if you haven’t been on the platform recently.

You may not be used to the new and improved LinkedIn, so you might feel a little confused (or even intimidated) by the thought of creating your own content for your profile. 

If you can relate, you’re in the right place and I have a little hack that you can implement when creating content for LinkedIn (or really any content) that will make your life easier and help it feel more natural.

Before I get to that hack, let’s first talk about the fact that LinkedIn is a platform for creators, just like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. I’m also not saying to reshare your TikTok’s on LinkedIn… keep reading for more.

It’s not just the place that holds your digital resume or the place people go to find jobs anymore. While you most definitely can still use LinkedIn to find your next job or land new clients, that’s not its sole purpose these days. 

It’s important to know that because if you continue to treat it as such, you’ll find little to no success. The fact is, people are there to truly connect. 

They are there to find people that understand them and can relate to the content they’re putting out. They are there to share and hear stories.

They are there to find like-minded people that they can support in business.

They are there to be a source of light, encouragement, motivation and inspiration to people that need it.

When you realize this and lean into it, you will find that LinkedIn is not the boring, corporate app it once was. Instead, it’s a powerful tool to grow your network and become a true thought leader in your industry.

In fact, LinkedIn is one of the only platforms out there that has insane organic reach, meaning you can have ZERO connections or followers and your content can still be seen. 

For once, it’s not one of those apps where you have to obsess over vanity metrics. Instead, you can create content from the heart that truly connects with people and trust that it’s not for nothing.

Which brings me to that content creation hack I mentioned earlier…

My Favorite LinkedIn Content Creation Hack

If you understand that LinkedIn is valuable and you’re ready to take it seriously, but the only thing stopping you is that you don’t know what to post, I want you to think about the past 48 hours in your life. 

Did you experience any inconveniences? 

Did something happen that you didn’t necessarily plan for?

Did you experience something really cool that made you happy?

For example, maybe you were at the grocery store picking up ONE thing and there was only one checkout line open and the person in front of you had a cart overflowing, so it took you way longer than you thought it would. 

Or maybe your toddler slept horribly which resulted in a really rough morning for the entire family. (I may be able to relate to this on a very personal level 😂 more on this in a minute!)

Or maybe you received an unexpected bonus and you were able to surprise your family with a fun weekend getaway to a town you all really love. 

If you can’t think of anything from the past 48 hours, that’s okay! But, I’m willing to bet there’s somethingggg you’ve experienced, I’ll go easy on ya – think back to a significant experience (good or bad at any time of your life) and jot it down.

Once you’ve reflected and have something on your mind, I want you to think about how you can connect that life event or recent experience to some sort of life or business lesson that others could benefit from.

Long line at the grocery store? You could connect that to how you’ve learned the importance of slowing down and being patient.

Cranky toddler? Well, I experienced that firsthand just the other day and talked about it here!

Unexpected bonus? You could connect that to the importance of continuing to do the work even when it feels like no one sees you and how it will eventually pay off. 

The KEY is that you don’t make the content about you. Yes, you start there to draw people and get them curious, but you follow with what it means for them. 

How can THEY benefit from your experience? What lessons can THEY learn? 

Creating LinkedIn content like this does a few things:

  1. It feels personal, so people feel like they’re getting to know you without it being “me, me, me” which favors the know, like and trust rule of business. 
  2. It’s more interesting for people because it’s different than what they see everywhere else. Only you have your experiences, so this ensures that you’re creating content that’s fresh and exciting versus blending in with the rest.
  3. It gives them a takeaway that they can apply to their own life and they remember you for it because of the story that you told with it. Stories are memorable! 

This concept might feel difficult to do at first, but I can almost bet that now that you know this method, you’ll start connecting tons of your experiences to life and business lessons. 

So that you don’t forget anything when it comes to mind, go ahead and create a note on your phone that you can use to jot down your thoughts as they come. 

This will give you a content bank that you can easily use on LinkedIn and across other social platform.

Now you have some homework – try out this method this week and send me your LinkedIn post so I can cheer you on!

In your corner,


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