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Two words that have been on everyone’s mind over the past 3 years now: job security. It all started in 2020…I don’t need to remind you of how insane that experience was, but that’s truly when the business world started to shift.  People left their jobs, businesses down sized, work from home became the norm […]

Hey Job Seeker: Stop Looking For The Right Company & Look For THIS Instead

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You might be shocked to find out that LinkedIn isn’t that boring and stuffy platform only for corporate people that it once was.

In fact, freelancers, entrepreneurs, network marketers and bigtime creators and influencers are joining the conversation on LinkedIn and landing BIG clients and brand deals because of it.

So why did these people join the LinkedIn train?! Because someone told them to. Keep reading to find out who!

The Most Unexpected (Yet Common) Reason People Join LinkedIn


the reason people join linkedin