The 3R Method: A quick framework to creating bomb content when you’re burnt out

September 12, 2022


Do you ever feel like your content creation is really like a spaghetti-throwing-session, following your whims, or just random brain tangents?

Or maybe you feel clear on content creation, but you’re just a little bored and burnt out with it all?

The truth is, we all live in a content-driven marketplace where our value really stems from our brain capacity. Our ability to stand out stems from our willingness to speak out on our “hot takes” or “varied perspectives.”

And the REAL way to get ahead is to figure out how to channel your brainpower instead of burning the candle at both ends and taking long breaks in between.

It’s important to know that it is totally normal to feel less creative sometimes, maybe stuck in a rut and feeling the urge to just go silent.

I mean, our brains are doing legitimately a million things not only in our businesses, but in life in general.

Your “training” as a business owner, thought and industry leader, is to learn how to move through those seasons of content creation burnout without going completely silent.

So, today, I’ve got a way for you to do just that.

If you’re thinking “this sounds a lot like hustle culture,” just stay with me for a sec because today I’m actually walking you through a simple framework that will allow you the rest you need, but that will continue to create traction for you AS you rest.

Let me introduce you to my 3 “R” Method.

The 3 “R” Method to a Content Strategy that Promotes Rest and Creates Results

This method is really so simple, but so powerful. Any time you notice yourself running for the hills any time you need to create content, just slide this strategy in and take the time you need.

Getting out of your normal routine can help your creative juices flow. Try switching up your environment so you can cultivate creativity. This doesn’t have to be a 2-week trip to Europe (although, BY ALL MEANS, do that). It can be simply switching from your desk in your office to your kitchen table. Take a field trip to a coffee shop for an afternoon, or go sit on a park bench if the weather’s nice.
Change your environment and you’ll be surprised what fresh awesome starts to churn in your brain.

Your content needs to stop taking a Y.O.L.O. approach, okay? Nothing you create should ONLY live once. Most people don’t remember specific content, they remember consistency. So, work smarter and not harder and take some of your best past content — change the image/graphic, update it with new insights, etc. You can even tell your audience that you’re recycling your best posts because they’ve received such an amazing response.

If you feel the pull to go from only being on one platform (like Instagram, for example) to a more omnipresent approach utilizing things like LinkedIn, email, Pinterest — this step is going to do AMAZING things for you. All you need to do is refresh your content to make sure it works with the specific platform (resizing, changing CTAs to what’s relevant), then GUESS WHAT. You’ve got weeks, maybe even months of content locked, loaded, and LEVERAGED to reach a new pool of potential leads.

How to REALLY WIN with the 3 R’s

Whenever I write to you all (my people), I try to keep in mind that you’re not interested in “mediocre,” middle of the pack, just getting by.

You want to WIN. You want to come out on top. You want to get ahead.

And knowing that’s your aim, I would tell you to start using the 3 R’s before you feel like you actually need it.

Content creation is a constant for modern, growth-getting leaders. So, if you can bake in a content repurposing strategy to your creation process before you burn out? That means you’ll be able to do two things:

  1. Sustain your ability to create consistently when others toggle between fire hose and switching things completely off. And we know consistency is REALLY what wins, right?
  2. You’ll get MORE out of your freaking bomb content. Because what’s the point of creating something once and never using it again? That doesn’t even make good business sense.

So, try integrating the 3 R Method into your monthly content creation flow to give your brain a break and give your already-created content the chance to shine again.

Bonus Tip: The 3 R Method is a great system to pass off to a team member or virtual assistant if you’re looking to REALLY take a break or do something different with your time!

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