The Executive Switch: From Lead Gen for Sales to Talent Gen

September 27, 2022


Ever heard the phrase “new level, new devil?”

Aside from attempting to discourage people from big growth, this phrase shows us that challenges don’t GO AWAY when you reach certain levels of success. Instead, they change shape.

Have you found that to be true?

After years of straddling the line between the entrepreneurial and corporate world, I’ve noticed that I get a lot of people paying attention when I talk about things that will help you GET LEADS AND SALES.

It’s super sexy.That’s what builds a business worth working for, that’s what fuels growth… right?


Certain point being that the higher-level executives, managers, and thought leaders I work with inside my LinkedIn Agency face challenges not so much about GETTING SALES but more about GROWING A TEAM.

I was listening to a podcast the other day where Alex Hormozi confirmed this hunch of mine, but said it in a cooler and more helpful way.

He said, “There’s a point where business moves from focusing on lead generation for sales to focusing on lead generation for TALENT.”

Isn’t that a mind-bending way to look at it?

It clicked when I realized we need to use the same processes we’ve already mastered in business when we reach a certain point, we’re just tilting it toward the angle of calling in team members who we can train up to call in more sales.

And since that’s the standstill or challenge point where many of you are sitting, today I wanted to brainstorm THREE ways you can take action toward LEAD GENERATION FOR TALENT within your own business or organization. Let’s get into it.

3 Easy Ways to Accelerate your Lead Generation for TALENT Process

Build your Powerful Personal Presence.

If you’re not already creating and posting thought-provoking content, this would be a great place to start. My guess is that if you’re at this level, you ARE creating content. But if you’re creating primarily on one platform, here are some ways that you can maximize that Powerful Personal Presence you’ve built in one area to gain access to new markets.

Option 1: Post on a new platform.
Maybe you’ve really gone all-in creating compelling content on Instagram. Well, imagine what you could do with that EXACT SAME CONTENT on LinkedIn?! If you’re ready to move to a different platform and really get the most out of it, but you don’t want to have to do it all yourself, reach out to me and we can chat about what our LinkedIn Agency can do to help you reach your goals.

Option 2: Repurpose past content to an evergreen source.
If you’re someone who’s created a LOT of content, it might be time to hire an experienced copywriter or content writer to help you PURPOSEFULLY repurpose the value you’ve already given into a different format like blog posts, free resources, or even emails to your list. (If you need recommendations, I’ve got ‘em for ya!)

Post content like a leader.

This may seem similar to what I just said above, but this is less about the fact that you’re posting and more about what type of content goes inside those posts. If you’re going to create content, you’ve gotta do it in a way that SHOWS YOUR LEADERSHIP. That means commenting on things that are relevant to your industry. That means sharing your “hot takes” or “out-of-the-box thinking” on things. That means making your VALUES VISIBLE to people. When you post this TYPE of content, people will start to see you as a leader they really want to follow when they can see that they align with what you believe and how you conduct your business or champion your organization/industry.

Show possibilities within your organization.

There are two things job-seekers (or people who COULD be seeking the right kind of job) are looking for right now — PURPOSE and POSSIBILITY. There’s a chance that telling your story, building your Powerful Personal Presence, and posting content like a leader could help them get that feeling of PURPOSE from the idea of working with you. But they won’t see the possibility that exists for THEM inside of your organization or workplace unless you show them how others have found possibility there, too. Telling the “started at the bottom now we here” stories throughout your organization could be a great way to showcase that where they start doesn’t have to be where they end up when they sign on to work with you.

BONUS TIP: Keep gathering leads when positions are full.

Just like any other lead-generation process, you don’t want to put the WHOLE thing on hold when doors to your program are closed or when your client roster is full. The same thing is true for generating TALENT leads. Come up with a process that allows you to gather leads who are interested in partnering with you because of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU’RE ABOUT, not just because the job description matches their bachelor’s degree title.

I’d love to know, have you found yourself facing this “new devil” within your business or career? Let me know which of these tips was the most helpful to you!

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