The Most Unexpected (Yet Common) Reason People Join LinkedIn

December 19, 2022


People join Instagram daily, they make TikTok accounts frequently and they probably have Pinterest accounts they still use. 

They’re excited to make reels, carousels and pins, but chances are they’re ignoring the LinkedIn account they made during college when a professor gave it as an assignment.

Their profile hasn’t been updated since their first job, the picture is outdated and they definitely haven’t thought about posting on there lately. 

Can you relate? 

If so, you might be shocked to find out that LinkedIn isn’t that boring and stuffy platform only for corporate people that it once was.

In fact, freelancers, entrepreneurs, network marketers and bigtime creators and influencers are joining the conversation on LinkedIn and landing BIG clients and brand deals because of it.

So why did these people join the LinkedIn train?!

When did it become a place that people actually use to build connections, have conversations and gain clients instead of being the boring, online resume platform?

The most common reason people joined LinkedIn over the last 2 years might shock you…

It’s because Gary Vaynerchuk (you might know him better as Gary Vee) told them to.

Yes, you read that right! All because someone they trust and look up to told them it was a good idea. Now, I know what you might be thinking…

“Since when am I supposed to do something just because someone else tells me to??”

And I get it! I don’t necessarily love being told what to do either… UNLESS it’s something that’s actually going to serve me.

Here’s the thing about Gary Vee:

➡️ He knows his stuff

➡️ He provides evidence to back up his reasonings

➡️ He’s persuasive

Those three things have made him an authority figure in the world of business and marketing and because of that, people trust him.

(Psst: the same can happen for you when you create content and post it where strangers on the Internet can find it even if they don’t follow you – ahem, LinkedIn 😏)

If you watch Gary’s content, you know that he’s RARELY wrong about social platforms or marketing strategies, which is why when people tell me that they joined LinkedIn because Gary Vee said so, it really doesn’t come as a shock. 

I’ll admit it, I’ve taken his advice a time or two and it’s almost always paid off. 

As someone whose business is built around LinkedIn, I get so fired up when I come across videos of Gary Vee talking about the platform (like this one), because he’s helping people see all of the things that I also shout from the rooftops – he’s doing it on a much larger scale of course. 

So, if you’re not going to take it from me, take it from Gary Vee!

I’ve pieced together the TOP clips of Gary discussing LinkedIn into ONE (free) 15-minute podcast episode for you. 

Access it HERE to learn his top LinkedIn tips and strategies that you can take notes on and implement including what type of content to create AND how to leave proper comments on other peoples posts (this is a biggie on LinkedIn, btw!).

Here’s the short version:

  • LinkedIn is now being used as a content platform, not just something that people use to land a job. You can post videos, graphic posts, blog style posts, etc. 
  • Leaving thoughtful comments is key – people don’t like the person that’s just trying to gain a client or customer. They want to connect.
  • Biggest mistake people are making with the platform? Underestimating it – his words, not mine, but I HIGHLY agree!

There’s way more gold nuggets in the episode, so make sure you carve out the 15 minutes and  listen! 🎙

As we approach 2023 and you continue to refine your goals for the new year, I’d encourage you to leave a spot for LinkedIn.

It’s one of two platforms out there (the other being TikTok) where you can have ZERO followers and still get organic reach and engagement.

If you listen to the episode and you’re still a little unsure about LinkedIn, I’d love to know why – listen first and then chat with me in the DM’s!

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