The top 2 questions you need to ask yourself when creating a LinkedIn Strategy…

March 11, 2021


First of all, if you’re a business owner looking to use LinkedIn to identify qualified leads for your pipeline, STRATEGY is a must!

One of the biggest challenges I see entrepreneurs face in the online world is their time being sucked into the black hole that is social media. It’s also the common doubt I hear when talking with business owners about using LinkedIn to find their ideal clients. While they know they need to use it (because Gary Vee and their dad says they should), the biggest hang up is “I just can’t add one more social media platform to the list”.

Listen… I HEAR YOU! Does it feel like 75% of your day is taken up by posting on Instagram? Reels, stories, carousel posts and keeping up with the latest trends? YES… I know I know! It’s the struggle between hiring this out and social media is a fun part of what we get to do! 

Here’s the question I’d like to ask you… What is the ROI of the time spent posting, watching, scrolling and creating for social media. It’s an honest question that I challenge you to look into. We know that time on social media platforms and creating for them is part of the gig, not disagreeing with you there. But if you could spend 20 minutes a day engaging on LinkedIn, connecting with your ideal clients and educating them through your content, it could be game changing for you in your business.

Let’s get to the easiest strategy hack on LinkedIn, ever. 

Ask yourself these two questions  …

  1. Who do I need to connect with?

For LinkedIn, asking yourself this question could bring to mind the name of someone in particular, the type of client you’d like to serve, or the title of someone you could best partner with. Let’s say you’re a podcast strategist looking to support corporations who want to add (or should add) podcasting in their marketing and advertising strategy. You could begin by making a list of all the job titles at a company that would be responsible for launching and managing a podcast. Then, do a simple search in the LinkedIn search bar of these job titles and connect away! 

  1. How can I partner with them for a mutually beneficial relationship?

If you’re looking to connect with someone that isn’t your ideal client, but know a collaboration or partnership with someone could benefit you and them, what could that look like? Let’s continue with the topic of podcasts. Did you know that 75% of all podcasts fail within the first 7 days? That’s because most of them don’t have enough content to keep going… That being said, most podcasters, if what you do serves their audience, would likely love to have you as a guest on their show. Having this opportunity not only helps expand your reach to an audience you otherwise wouldn’t have access to, but it helps get that podcaster another, awesome and valuable episode and continue on! 

Let me say this, if you’re new to using linkedin for your business (read that again – not new to linkedin, but using it differently now ;]) then ask yourself the above questions regularly to switch up the narrative in your mind… ya know, the one that’s constantly saying “LinkedIn is so boring” or “it’s so corporate” and my favorite… “LinkedIn isn’t sexy”…

I won’t argue with you, LinkedIn the platform might not be sexy, but when you can spend less time on social media, win and serve higher paying clients, and ultimately get more time back to do whatever you want because you spent 20 minutes a day on LinkedIn… THAT is sexy…

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