Why “Audience Building” Should Be Your Focus in 2023

November 9, 2022


If you’re a job seeker, hiring manager, or work in corporate in any capacity, tune in…

My question to you today is ‘Are you building an audience?’

Now, you might be thinking, “Okay, Linds, I’m not a business owner, entrepreneur, or influencer. Why should I spend my time gaining followers?”

It’s a great question and I don’t think this is being talked about enough.

We all know audience growth and building matters when it comes to being an entrepreneur, business owner, or big brand because it’s the AUDIENCE that will buy your product or service.

But what does that matter if you want to find a job or want to grow in the one you’ve got?

As we’re moving forward in the economy today, there’s a lot of uncertainty heading into 2023.

People are worried for their jobs.
We’ve seen layoffs over the past couple months.
It won’t be changing anytime soon.

So, the real question is: How do we get out of fear mode?
What actions can you take to protect yourself and create a cushion of confidence for your current and future career?

Well, one of those actions I truly believe is building an audience. AND I think for this in particular (creating job security for yourself), building an audience on LinkedIn is your best bet.

Audience Growth is the New Economy

As an individual contributor, when you’re talking to hiring managers, recruiters, or even if you simply want job security, there’s a shift happening.

The conversation is no longer solely based on experience. An additional factor within “what you bring to the table” is going to be the size and quality of your audience.

Now, does that mean if you ever want to get hired again you HAVE to have a lot of followers? Well, no. But I do believe if you want to put yourself in the best position possible for your future, one of the best things you can show you have is INFLUENCE.

Recruiters and hiring managers are now checking social media presences of applicants to ward against the bad things — like making sure someone’s not going to bad-mouth their brand across the internet.

But they’re also considering the potential hire’s ability to lead, to have something to say, and to create community around their expertise, interests, and values.

And the best place to really SHOW that where hiring managers are intently looking? Yep, it’s LinkedIn.

What You’re Missing Out On

I personally know somebody who’s BIG TIME on LinkedIn. He grew his following to over 50k in the past 3 years, and he is CONSTANTLY getting job offers (despite not looking for one).

In fact, he’s actually been able to move up the ranks within the past 6 months from an individual contributor role to a VP. Sure, this was because of his experience and being right for the job. But it also stemmed from him making that experience VISIBLE on LinkedIn through content and gaining an audience as a result.

He has pull. He has influence. And that is what brands are looking for as they hire in this new economy.

So, what if you could gain opportunities like the ability to be promoted or be able to pick and choose between AWESOME job offers just because you posted content you cared about and engaged with people who feel the same on LinkedIn? Wouldn’t that be something you’d be willing to dive into?

Are you growing your audience on LinkedIn yet? If not, hop into my LinkedIn Bootcamp and you can have your profile set up and first piece of content posted in less than an hour!

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