Avoiding LinkedIn? Why You Can’t Afford to Anymore

November 14, 2022


Not anymore.

I’m saying this with so much love and truly no motive except to help you grow in the way you so desperately want to. So many business owners are tired of Instagram, but will sit and speculate on why LinkedIn won’t work for them all day long.

The same is true for those in their professional career, in corporate, looking to promote, find a new opportunity, or who have unfortunately been affected by a major layoff recently. 

I’m over here shouting from the rooftops from so much experience — you’ve gotta TRY IT. You have NO clue what you’re missing out on. Don’t bench yourself before you get in the game, ya know?

At the same time…I get it. There are real things holding you back from getting on LinkedIn for your business or to build your personal brand and become invaluable to your company or future job opportunities.

So, today I’m calling those things out. I’m meeting you right in the middle of ‘em, so we can hopefully get PAST them and get you out of your own way of experiencing big wins using LinkedIn.

4 Reasons You Might Be Avoiding LinkedIn

You think it’s “stuffy” or “too corporate.”
Ya’ll, CORPORATE IS GETTING MORE FUN, okay? Small, medium, and large-scale companies are starting to dig into this content-creation, brand-building world. They see the value in hiring people who have a following and an influence. They want to attract and cultivate leaders within their organizations. And they’re starting to challenge what typical corporate environments look like, whether that’s with changing to work-from-home, adjusting communication, or getting hyperfocused on their company values. Corporate is also open to working with experts and consultants, and your take on things may be exactly what they’re looking for.

You’re afraid you’re not at a place where you can make an impact.
I’ve heard some people say that they’re not in a place that would impress anyone, so LinkedIn won’t work for them. I know in the past LinkedIn has acted as one giant resume, but it doesn’t have to be that if you don’t want it to be. Your most valuable asset on LinkedIn is having something to SAY. And anyone can do that, but not everyone will. That’s the real thing that will set you apart in this economy, so the best thing you can do is start today.

You’re doubting that your content is needed over there (or that it will be well-received).
In a world of endless opinions, people are looking for their people. They are craving someone who has the same inkling as them, a fresh take on something, someone who’s willing to say what others won’t. If you’re someone who posts the same content as everyone else with no unique take… sure, it might fall through the cracks. But if you let your “leader” identity shine through and really say what you think and care about, LinkedIn will EAT THAT UP, and you’ll only attract more people who are your people the more you do it.

My advice to you is that if this is what’s going through your mind and holding you back… do whatever you need to and MAKE. IT. STOP.

You’re worried what your former boss or coworkers will think of you.
If you joined LinkedIn in college or right out of it like the rest of us, you may have some connections that feel a little… iffy? Maybe you’ve pivoted and LinkedIn feels like a former life, or maybe you’re just worried what people will think if you start posting content that matters to you. I get it. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being judged. Here’s the deal, LinkedIn is a place that rewards connections and thought-leadership. So whether your current connections are ones you want to maximize or not, keeping them in your network can open up avenues that you wouldn’t have otherwise. In other words: GO FOR IT, but DO NOT delete connections!

Opinions of others don’t:
– Pay the bills
– Build your personal brand
– Create investments
– Find you clients
– Get you your dream job

So why are we letting them run our days? Here’s what you actually might be missing out on when it comes to building your brand on LinkedIn because you’re too afraid to just TRY it.

What You’re Missing by Not Being on LinkedIn

Did you know that 30% of LinkedIn users are NOT on Instagram?
Did you also know that LinkedIn users are largely headed to the platform to learn something new (rather than just be entertained)?

If you’re still waiting to get on LinkedIn, you may be missing out on an entire chunk of the market you can help most. And that piece of the market? Well they’re more ready to learn and do business than their other social media counterparts are. And that could change the game not only for your visibility, but also for that visibility translating to lucrative business opportunities.

So, I would HONESTLY love to know. Why aren’t you on LinkedIn or more active there yet? If it’s because of the logistics like “how do I set up my profile and what do I post,” then that’s why the LinkedIn Bootcamp exists! Click here to join us so you can get started asap.

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