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I know how challenging and time consuming writing the perfect job description can be; what the heck is supposed to be in this thing and does it even communicate what I need? Don’t worry sister, download my free, super easy to use template for all your job description needs. 


Ready to get organized and proactive in hiring a team that's aligned with your mission, goals and values?

gain clarity, confidence and support for your hiring strategy 

refocus your energy on a path to more profit and productivity while getting you baCk to your zone of genius

achieve a renewed sense of excitement and passion in your business

Together, we will create and implement a system and structure that allows you to:


If you feel overwhelmed, reactive and disorganized in your hiring process...

Grow your Distributed Dream Team from an ACORN to a Mighty Oak (even if it’s just you and a VA right now)

If you know you’re ready to grow your team… But you’re not sure HOW to find the right people, the best way to interview, and how to cultivate a great company culture with a distributed team…

The ACORN framework gives you an intuitive 5-step process to step up as the CEO that you are and lead. 

Here are THREE statistics to think about:

of all new hires are deemed failures by the 18-month mark. And unlike a bad nail color, a bad hiring decision can ruin you.


US private sector companies who admit to hiring the wrong person lost an average of $15k per BAD HIRE

3 in 4

total cost of losing a good hire


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Do these freak you out a little bit?

Maybe you’ve experienced this before? Having a clear and organized strategy will not only allow you to be proactive in your hiring process but empowers you to scale with consistency and ease. AKA less stress for you, your team and candidtates!

I'm Lindsay Mitrosilis and supporting females in their business is my passion, especially around hiring, systems and processes! My signature hiring methodology is the HOW to help you go from overwhelmed and reactive in your hiring and onboarding to gaining clarity and confidence in this seemingly daunting part of your business.

Don't worry, girl! I gotchu!

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