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Listen, I’ve pretty much been where you’ve been and seen so many other female CEOs struggle through the hiring process. Where do I begin? I need someone yesterday. How do I write a good job description? Is this person the right fit? Now I have to train this person? WHATTTTT? It can be overwhelming, stressful, and seem like a daunting task, but I promise you it doesn’t have to be that way. I created my transformational hiring methodology, the ACORN Method, to support CEOs and Founders just like you. 

Not knowing where to turn for guidance and solutions around hiring, interviewing, training best practices, organizational structure, and how to create a company culture that not only attracts the right people, but builds momentum and focus on the greater mission. 

My philosophy is “PEOPLE MATTER”. When you have the right people on your team - it shows. Your customers and clients notice. And when your team organization is messy and disorganized (or even toxic) - that’s like cancer to your business. 

The ACORN method grew out of my work with female business owners feeling lost, frustrated and overwhelmed by the people management aspect of their business - especially with distributed teams that don’t have a “company Keurig” to gather around

I’ve had the opportunity to see both kinds of teams throughout my 10 year career in the staffing and people management industry.

I’ve guided and coached hundreds of managers and business leaders in Fortune 500 companies on hiring and interview best practices, productive and effective conversations with team members, and how to create a positive company culture. 

I know the positive momentum having the RIGHT team can create...and the downward spiral that occurs when it’s WRONG. 

And what I learned is that there are 5 KEY leverage points to create a powerful team that grows together. 

We’ll work together to optimize each one of those 5 leverage points in your business so that you’re empowered with the tools and processes to grow your organization from an ACORN to a mighty oak tree. 

Prevent you from taking a reactionary approach to hiring (so that you can always be one step ahead of your business growth and smooth out the growing pains that come with growing your team)

Help you avoid the most common hiring mistakes that female CEOs make (and help you start attracting the right people to your team)

Stop doubting your hiring decisions and feel confident that you have the right STRUCTURE and the right PEOPLE in place to succeed in the long term

Cultivate and nurture a positive company culture (so that your team LOVES what they do and feels like they’re a part of your vision for the future) 

The ACORN framework will:

When you take the time to establish a strong team and structure, you’ll have less turn over, more productivity, and move the needle significantly in your business. Because of that, you’re now able to focus and dedicate the time where the business needs you most. 

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I'm Lindsay Mitrosilis and supporting females in their business is my passion, especially around hiring, systems and processes! My signature hiring methodology is the HOW to help you go from overwhelmed and reactive in your hiring and onboarding to gaining clarity and confidence in this seemingly daunting part of your business.

Don't worry, girl! I gotchu!